Woods Road NA

Meetings and Contact Information

Day Of Month Annually
Place Recreation Park Picnic
Contact Tisha Moore
Phone 483-3749
Email mortisha@umich.edu

The Woods Road Neighborhood is a collection of 46 homes built in the 1930s and tucked away just south of Recreation Park. Woods Road and Pleasant Drive give the nieghborhood its circular shape and Linden Court, a small cul-de-sac, runs along the eastern edge of the park. If traveling by car, the only entrance is at Woods Road and Summit Street, giving the nieghborhood its quiet and charming ambience. Kids play hockey in the street, dogs are walked around the circle (which is one-third of a mile) and gardens flourish.

For over 60 years neighbors have joined together for a picnic on the Sunday following Labor Day. Many old neighbors also continue to attend, so it’s quite possible to meet several families who have previously lived in “your house.” Recently the neighbors have also begun holding a food drive at the picnic, and have donated 500 pounds of food to Food Gatherers in the last two years. This civic-mindedness and community involvement is a common characteristic of long-term residents of this neighborhood.

Woods Road Neighborhood is within walking distance of many of Ypsilanti’s most popular destinations including EMU’s campus, Depot Town, the Downtown District (including the lovely library), the Senior Center, and many community gardens and hiking/biking trails.