Normal Park NA

Meetings and Contact Information

Day Of Month Wednesday (Quarterly)
Time 7:30 pm
Place Senior Center, Recreation Park
Contact Beth Bashert

The Normal Park Neighborhood well deserves its reputation as one of Ypsilanti's finest. Located in the southwest corner of the city and bounded by Washtenaw, Mansfield, Congress, and N. Summit, the neighborhood boasts a variety of architectural styles with homes built as early as 1861 and as late as the 21st century. Residents appreciate the many tree-lined streets, including two boulevards, with numerous small gardens capping the ends. Recreation Park, with its Senior Center, Rose Garden, and Rutherford Pool, runs along much of the south side of the neighborhood, which also contains tot-friendly Edith Hefley Park.

Normal Park is great place to walk, run, and bike. Two elementary schools, West Middle School, Ypsilanti High School, and EMU are all within walking distance, and the neighborhood is home to many teachers and faculty members. Marching bands from the local schools sometimes practice on its streets. Normal Park has a very strong neighborhood association which sponsors many special events and facilitates neighborhood communication with a newsletter and email list. Residents are active in many different aspects of neighborhood promotion and beautification. The neighborhood is known for its political involvement and has the highest voter turnout in the city. Most important, Normal Park is a friendly and attractive neighborhood whose residents care about their homes and their neighbors.