Midtown NA

Meetings and Contact Information

Day Of Month Monday (Quarterly & on demand)
Time 7 pm
Place Senior Center on Congress
Contact Karen Mauer
Phone 487-7182
Email reneemaurer@yahoo.com

The Midtown neighborhood was one of the first westward expansions of downtown Ypsilanti, along Congress Street in the late 1850s.

It had prominence as it was the neighborhood that connected the downtown area to the western ridge that contained natural mineral water springs. These springs, located along the ridge of the hill now known as Summit Street, were known to Native Americans as places to come and get “healing water” for illness and injury. Later, waters from springs on this hill were channeled to the old Ypsilanti stone water tower, providing clean and fresh water to the residents of Ypsilanti, supplied by the city plumbing.

Midtown also featured “Professor's Row”, the collection of stately homes along S. Normal and S. Summit, where many EMU professors resided during the first part of the 20th century. Several of these academic families living in Midtown were those of Professor Cleary (founders of Cleary College), and Professor Pease (EMU Music Instructor).