Historic South Side NA

Meetings and Contact Information

Day Of Month 4th Monday
Time 7 pm
Place Gilbert Residence
Contact Chris Mason
Phone 480-4800
Email ParishInn@aol.com

Located just south of downtown Ypsilanti, the Historic South Side Neighborhood is proud home to an incredible range of housing styles and sizes, and an intriguing mix of people.

The neighborhood is bounded by Ferris, Harriet, Huron and Hamilton streets and frames the gateway into the community from I-94. The housing stock was built over a long span of time, dating back to the earliest years of Ypsilanti up to the middle of the twentieth century. From stately Queen Anne style homes like the Glover House to more modest (albeit handsome!) starter homes, the neighborhood includes the full gamut of housing opportunities.

The neighborhood is within easy walking distance of the resurging downtown district, which includes a public library, the local hardware store, cutting edge clothiers, many restaurants and pubs, funky off-beat shops and galleries, a grocery store and drug store, dry cleaners, a spacious riverfront park, the Riverside Arts Center and a seasonal farmers’ market.

Our best asset is not our great array of homes or our easy access to downtown, but the interesting mix of people the neighborhood attracts- large families, small families, singles, retirees, blue collar workers and professionals- people of almost every background, color, interest and political persuasion.