Gerganoff NA

Meetings and Contact Information

Day Of Month Second Tuesday
Time 7 p.m.
Place Peter's House.

Please contact him to make sure there is a meeting.
Contact Peter Hubbard
Phone 483-1675

Ypsilanti's Gerganoff subdivision represents the last northwest expansion of the city. This expansion was promoted, designed and developed by famous area architect Ralph S. Gerganoff, who was also the architect of a number of notable buildings in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, including buildings on the Eastern Michigan University campus and the Washtenaw County Courthouse.

The small, quiet neighborhood is within walking distance of EMU, Washtenaw Community College and the Mercy Hospital System. Friendly and tightly-knit by a neighborhood association and a neighborhood watch group, the community is bordered by the Huron River to the north and surrounded by woods and prairies. Because of the close proximity of these natural areas, four-legged wildlife can sometimes be seen wandering through Gerganoff's tree-lined streets and backyards. The neighborhood also hosts a wide variety of birds, including colorful Cardinals, Blue Jays and American Goldfinches.