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The Historic East Side is one of Ypsilanti ’s oldest neighborhoods. Already thriving well before the Civil War, the neighborhood still retains many buildings of that time, both residential and commercial. At the request of residents, the neighborhood was added to the Historic District in 1979, thus giving protection to its significant structures.

Of special note is the Hutchison House, built in 1903 by the founder of S&H Green Stamps. Its many Tiffany windows and striking setting make it a ”must see”. Also noteworthy is the Gilbert Mansion, once the home of a railroad man who built the house with two towers to better watch the trains on the track below. The newly restored Civil War military barracks, now stores and loft apartments, and the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum are special attractions of this neighborhood.

The triangular Historic East Side Neighborhood is bounded by Forest Avenue, Prospect Street, and the railroad tracks. Adams Elementary School, historic Prospect Park with its delightful small wetland, bandshell, children’s play area, basketball courts and tennis court, and the proximity to Depot Town, Frog Island and Riverside parks all make this an extremely walkable family neighborhood.

The many styles of historic homes here provide great architectural diversity. The Historic East Side is certainly Ypsilanti’s most colorful neighborhood since the houses on its tree-shaded streets are a veritable catalog of vibrant paint colors. There is great diversity also in the community of people who live here, and that is one of the great strengths and attractions of the Historic Eastside neighborhood.