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About CoPAC

Community policing is a partnership between citizens in their neighborhoods and the police to work together to find solutions to quality of life issues. Collaborating through the structures of neighborhood associations, residents identify their concerns and work together to address them at the block, neighborhood, or city level.

The Community Policing Action Council (CoPAC) unites the neighborhoods of Ypsilanti through a council composed of representatives of neighborhood associations, other groups like business associations, the Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce, the Ypsilanti Police Department, and EMU. It is a federation of associations dedicated to community government that proactively addresses issues and concerns.

CoPAC meets regularly so that neighborhood representatives can exchange news with the Ypsilanti Police Department (YPD) and share the community building strategies and tactics they are using to strengthen and protect their neighborhood's quality of life. For more information on CoPAC or about creating a neighborhood association in your area, contact YPD Police Chief Amy Walker at 483-8590 or anyone on the Contact Us page.


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